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Celebrating the Artist Model (detail #1)

Sue Coulson

Using drawing photography written text and performance, I have recurring themes surrounding identity, weaving together real and imagined narratives, always making poetic reference to aspects of the human condition.

The drawings are from 'Celebrating the Artist Model' an installation and performance that turned the traditional view of the model on its head, turning the spotlight on the artist-model, whose role is often very much undervalued and/or overshadowed by the artist. It attempts to question where the power with the image lies - with the artist, model or viewer? The following information accompanied the exhibit and was part of the performance.

The museum building has existed for over 200 years and has only recently been renovated, rebuilt and clad with a Modernist style of architecture. Original records indicate that it was the private residence of a Venetia S Bushe, a Huguenot refugee and secret hoarder of drawings and strange and wonderful artworks, who had escaped French persecution at the turn of the 18th century. After her death the building gradually fell into crumbling decrepitude. Neglected, her fragile collection suffered serious damage and much of it has been destroyed. We are fortunate to have acquired via the dark corridors of the art underworld, digital footage of those original drawings and artworks from Venetia's archives. To mark the unveiling of the museum we expose a few of the Venetia S Busche digital collection to the public for the very first time ever.

Your special Free Entry Pass is valid for Thursday 21st March 2019. Regretfully in future we must charge a standard entry fee of £10

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