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Telluric #32
Peter Messa

A fascination with landscape may have been triggered when, as a child, I sleepily emerged from my parents' car after a long journey and, for the first time, was confronted with towering Alpine peaks. I blinked in wonder at this powerful natural phenomenon capped in snow in the bright August sunlight.

This fascination developed into an interest in how weather, geology and man interact with the planet's surface. As an undergraduate this led to research into the great artists of the sublime, notably Turner and the 20th century Abstract Modernists who followed him.

The "Telluric" series of paintings which has preoccupied me in recent years began as a fresh perspective on landscape –that of being outside it. This is the viewpoint offered by aerial photography, satellite imagery and the codified language of cartography.

A period of reflection, reading and research has followed while I learn to "play" again with three dimensional experiments.

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